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Celebrate Black Achievers Today, Not 50 Years From Now

Black folks, we love to celebrate the accomplishments of Black people from the past. Yesterday's Google doodle is a perfect example of this.

I get it, it's important to give our people props, especially when we weren't getting them at the time. And some people need to look to the past for inspiration to reach a little higher with their aspirations. Not all of us need to look to the past though to be the bosses the creator built us to be. Many of us are embracing the challenge of growing into the crown God placed above our heads and are doing our best to fulfill our calling. But I don't always see us keen to celebrate today's Black achievers. Those of us who, despite incredible odds accomplish so much, all while being mothers, fathers, wives, and husbands. Taking incredible risks to be what we are supposed to be and contribute to humanity. So please, let's celebrate today's Black achievers now. Patronize their businesses, share their accomplishments on social media, give them a kind word of support. If you don't know any people like this, you can start with these 10 amazing Black ParentPreneurs who received grants from our foundation . Read this article. Take in their brilliance. Patronize their businesses. Share and tag your friends. Let's celebrate these great Black people today, not 50 years from now.

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