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Clubhouse? THIS Is OUR House

*Rant Alert* Clubhouse, let's talk about it for a second. Look, I get it, Clubhouse is a useful platform for many of you and I see it's helping you grow your businesses.

Cool. Here for that all day.

But now I see Black folks on social media complaining about Clubhouse's $1 billion valuation and saying it's creating wealth and value on the backs of Black people.

I also have so many people telling me the ParentPreneur Foundation needs to be on Clubhouse.

It doesn't.

Our community has grown 18X in six months. And in this month of January alone, we raised nearly $100,000, which is almost 40% of our 2021 fundraising goal.

Based on how our business model is structured, I don't see any uniquely accretive reasons to be on the Clubhouse platform. We will get where we need to go with our current strategy.

The more important question though about folks thinking this community needs to be on Clubhouse is, why are we always looking outside of ourselves to build?

THIS is OUR community and we can make it whatever we want it to be.

We are building our own table right here, so we can casually pull up a chair and break out the dominoes or spades, and don't have to ask anyone else for permission to have a seat at their table.

In this community, we want you to see yourself as a great parent, as a great partner or spouse, and as a great entrepreneur -- to see your children inspired to live a purposeful and prosperous life because of the choices you made.

We want to tell the stories of the transformation of Black ParentPreneurs from struggle and loneliness to triumph and community.

This is what we do.

And we don't need no stinking Clubhouse to do any of that.

*Rant over* P.S., You can join our super-dope community of Black ParentPreneurs here. P.P.S., If empowering Black ParentPreneurs, so they can leave a legacy for their beautiful children matters to you, please support us with a tax-deductible donation, which will allow us to execute our brilliant 2021 programs.

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