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Dr. George C. Fraser Fireside Chat: Recipient of Barack Obama President's Lifetime Achievement Award

Once again we are bringing the smoke! If you don't know who Dr. George C. Fraser is you betta ask somebody! Or just watch the video above. Dr. Fraser is a model for all of us and an incredible networker. He runs the Power Networking Conference, which Forbes called a top-five can't miss conference for entrepreneurs. Not for Black entrepreneurs, but for entrepreneurs period.

Oh, and Barack Obama gave him the President's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. So there's that. He'll come talk with us about his conference, which takes place virtually Oct. 28-30, his philosophy on networking, Black wealth, the importance of the Black family, and more.

But you have to be a member of our community of Black ParentPreneurs to watch. You can join us here. The chat takes place Monday, Oct. 26th at 8 pm EDT, and you can RSVP for it under events once you join the community. You don't want to miss this one.

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