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Fireside Chat: Sergio Paluch, Founding Partner, Beta Boom Pre-Seed Investment Fund

Raising capital means you might have to talk to 100 people before you get the 💰.

Sergio Paluch, founding partner of Beta Boom. a Salt Lake City-based pre-seed fund aimed at nurturing founders typically overlooked by VCs and the usual accelerators, is coming to talk with the ParentPreneur Foundation about his firm.

Here's what Sergio said when I asked him what size checks he writes:

We're right in the middle of raising our next fund, but expect to make our next round of investments in July/August. We actually will be able to go up to $350K with our new fund. Also, worth noting that we only invest in software companies.

And here's a great Forbes article about Sergio and Beta Boom.

This is a unique opportunity for you to get access to someone writing checks, but you gotta show up and follow up.

Join our free community of Black ParentPreneurs and RSVP for this important event Thursday, June 3rd at 12 noon EDT.

Let's go. 🚀

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