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Learn How To Get Sponsorship Dollars: AMA With Mario Armstrong

Attention Black ParentPreneurs!

Are you struggling to get cash to fund your business or project? Have you tried to get sponsors, but don’t know how?

We GotChu!

Mario Armstrong is an expert when it comes to raising money from sponsorships and thinks it is an under-utilized way to generate cash flow for your business. He has secured over $3 million in brand sponsorship deals. I don’t know anyone better at it than him.

Mario is graciously doing an Ask Me Anything for you to answer all your questions about how to bag sponsors to cash flow your business WITHOUT giving up equity!

Mario is a two-time-Emmy-winner, and a radio and television talk show host, focusing on the areas of technology and digital lifestyle. Mario is the host of the ground-breaking and inspiring Never Settle Show and also regularly appears as a Digital Lifestyle Expert on the TODAY show.

Y'all said you need money for your business and we heard you, so let's pull up and get this knowledge, so you can get to the 💰.

Join our free online community and RSVP for Wednesday, May 12th at noon EDT to hear Mario Armstrong.

Ad astra. 🚀

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