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Mario Armstrong: How To Use Sponsorships To Raise Money For Your Business

Mario Armstrong knows a lot about raising money from sponsorships and thinks it is an under-utilized way to generate cash flow for your business. 

During this virtual event, Mario will tell you how to get sponsorships!

Mario is a two-time-Emmy-winner, and a radio and television talk show host, focusing in the areas of technology and digital lifestyle. Mario is the host of the ground-breaking and inspiring Never Settle Show and also regularly appears as a Digital Lifestyle Expert on the TODAY show. Y'all said you need money for your business and I heard you, so let's show up and show out for Mario. Join our FREE online community and RSVP for Monday, Oct. 19th, at 8 pm est. under events. P.S., If empowering Black ParentPreneurs matters to you, please make a donation, as little as $25 makes a difference.

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