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Member Spotlight: Fundraiser For Special Needs Kids

Today we are spotlighting community member L'Vonne McMillan, and her company, Advocate For Me. But we are switching it up-we aren't highlighting a product, we are highlighting the social good her company is doing working to open an after-school program for special needs children. 

L'Vonne's fundraiser on I Fund Women is raising $5,000 to help kids in Philadelphia. L’Vonne is a parent of a child born prematurely and with special health care needs; she successfully advocated for developmental services that have assisted her son at home and in school. So, let's help L'Vonne hit her $5,000 goal by supporting her campaign -->

More about Advocate for Me, LLC Advocate for Me, LLC specializes in offering resources, advocacy, and training for families who are caring for their special needs child. They offer children's books that discuss special needs topics. Their first children's book "What about Me?" discusses the importance of inclusion in Early Childhood and advocacy for children on the spectrum. They also have a podcast to highlight special needs parents and their journey as well as professionals that share strategies and insight on caring for a special needs child.

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