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Free Mental Wellness Webinar: Balancing Entrepreneurship & Family With Dr. Nekeshia Hammond

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Being a parent + entrepreneur is hard, especially if you have young children and are trying to grow revenue to support a family.

Being a Black ParentPreneur is even harder. Black people don’t have the same resources as many of our white ParentPreneur counterparts. Many of us are first-generation college graduates and we don’t have a relative we can call to give us money to hold us over until we are able to get enough traction with our business. This takes a toll on our mental well-being, which affects how we interact with our spouses/partners, our children, and our businesses.

And today, there are the pressures of living during COVID-19, virtual schooling, and racial trauma from rampant police brutality against Black people.

This is a lot.

The ParentPreneur Foundation looks at our community holistically, which is why we are excited to welcome renowned psychologist, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, to virtually speak with us and give us some tools to help us balance entrepreneurship and family.

The event is on October 14th at 8 pm EST. RSVPs will be limited to 99 people, so if you're a Black ParentPreneur and you could use some resources for your mental health toolkit, join our free community, then find the events menu in the navigation bar, and RSVP.

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