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ParentPreneur Foundation 2.0

Effective May 1st, 2021 the ParentPreneur Foundation will move to a freemium model, which means there will be one free group and another paid (premium) group.

Why changing the community model benefits you?

Because you value what you spend your money on.

Whether you joined the community and foundation last August, when we first began, or last month, we have provided more benefits (e.g., $30K cash grants, free mental therapy, virtual assistants, access to influential people, free legal advice, LinkedIn consulting, etc.) than most other paid communities.

To do even more for you, we want to focus our resources on those of you who are willing to put a little skin in the game, so we can more effectively ease your parenting and business lifestyles on your important journey to leave a legacy for your beautiful Black children.

What will you get in the premium group?

You, as a premium member will get:

  • Free webinars and events, including their unlimited replays, plus our current and future library of amazing webinars and event replays.

  • Free access to the $400 pitch deck platform with custom pitch deck coaching.

  • $5K AWS server credits over two years ($200 per month savings) - as long as you haven't previously received credits from AWS.

  • 60%, 2 yr discount: savings = $29.40/month for solo plan.

  • 30% Typeform discount: savings = $210 annually for the professional plan. Good for the annual plan only.

  • The ability to periodically apply for $1,000 cash grants.

  • Exclusive applications for mental therapy, virtual assistance, legal services, LinkedIn profile consulting, & more when available.

  • Savings on popular eCommerce products (e.g., possible $580 savings on processing fees, 50% off Salesforce, and more. Terms and conditions will apply).

  • Invitations to monthly meet & greets to network and collab with other like-minded members.

  • Inclusion in the member business directory visible to the general community.

  • Access to valuable monthly Ideation Sessions to get solutions to your business challenges.

What is your premium membership investment?

$19.97 per month or $197 per year.

What will you get as a member of the free community?

  • You will get the same access to a community of other like-minded Black ParentPreneurs that you already enjoy.

  • You can continue to join and enjoy the free sub-groups.

  • You can flow in and out of the premium group if there is a speaker you want to see or an event you want to attend, for example. Events and webinars will only be posted in the premium group.

  • You will receive the same valuable information you’ve been receiving about ways to improve your business and parenting lifestyles.

  • You will get the same inspiration you’ve been getting to keep you moving forward on this important journey to leave a legacy for your beautiful Black children.

  • Note: You don’t need to do anything to remain in the free community, you're already there.

Note: iOS app users will need to subscribe to the premium group via a web browser.

See you on the other side.

Let’s go! 🚀

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