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Webinar: How To Successfully Start and Run a Business With Your Children: Rozalynn and Gabby Goodwin

Rozalynn Goodwin and Gabby are fresh off being named winners of the BeyGood and ParentPreneur Foundation grants. Roz and Gabby have been in the game for years and are role models for all of us for how to work together as parent and child. What a legacy they are building together!

Roz and Gabby will bless us and talk about how they do it, which is great because I'd like to do this with my twins and need a little inspiration. 

My favorite Gabby experience is when my kids sent Gabby a video message about how much they love her book and Gabby sent them back a video thanking them and telling them to be great. So come thru and bring your note pad and get ready to be inspired!

If starting a business with your chlidren matters, then show up and show out for Roz and Gabby. Join our FREE online community first and then RSVP for Monday, Nov. 23rd, at 8 pm EDT. under events.

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