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Webinar: Pitch Deck Basics With Scroobious Founder Allison Byers

It will be hard for you to get to the 💰 without a solid pitch deck.

Come learn strategies to create or improve your pitch deck from Allison Byers, Founder & CEO of Scroobious, who has raised nearly $10 million for her startups. Allison is committed to helping you get in front of the right investors with the right message.

"Allison, I just reviewed your notes and I can choose a few words to describe what I read; Direct. Honest. Sometimes almost brutal. However, the word I'll really go with is...valuable. - Marc Ward, Founder,

So, if you're a Black ParentPreneur, join our free community and RSVP for June 21st at 12 pm EDT. under events to come thru and get your pitch deck game tight.

P.S., Allison has graciously offered her $400 Scroobious Pitch It Plan, to members of our premium group for FREE. 🔥

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6 days ago

thanks for the info

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