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Our grants are for Black ParentPreneurs who have eCommerce products for sale.

No eCommerce product? No problem. Join our online community to get access to other resources. 

Grant details & FAQs.

Why eCommerce Products?

Our founder is an eCommerce product entrepreneur, so we are focused on what we know to start.

How Do You Determine Who Gets a Cash Grant? 

When you apply for grants there  will be a series of questions and essays. We will make our selection based on your application. 

How Much Will The Grants Be? 

We are starting with $1,000 grants.

Will There Be Other Resources Available? 

Yes! The Resources page is coming soon. You may qualify for resources even if you don't get a grant award. So apply!

How Often Will You Make Grants?

We will make grants once per year. 

Can Non U.S.-Based Black ParentPreneurs Apply? 



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