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Please congratulate our 5 Black DadPreneurs who won a $1K grant from us this Father's Day

We are excited to announce the five outstanding Black DadPreneurs in our foundation community who won a $1K grant, which brings the total grants we gave away to $120,000 since we launched the ParentPreneur Foundation three years ago! 💰

How we selected the winners

We will start with the most engaged DadPreneurs on our platform and our 2,300 community members selected them based on the impact the contestants have had on them personally or their affinity for what the dads are building.

Please join me in congratulating our winners!

Jesse Taylor: KidLink

Hans Marshalleck: Tech startup founder

Damon Brown: Author and coach

Shaun St. Hill: Cyber security entrepreneur

Jermey Matthews: STEM author

Would you like to co-sponsor our next round of grants for Black ParentPreneurs?

Would you like to help us and co-sponsor a future grant? Every penny counts and you may make a tax-deductible donation here -->

Thanks for your ongoing support as we empower Black ParentPreneurs, so they can leave a legacy for their beautiful Black children.


James Oliver, Jr.

ParentPreneur Foundation CEO

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