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The ParentPreneur Foundation Gives $10,000 To Ten Black ParentPreneurs

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Six years ago I had a dream to start a foundation to inspire ParentPreneurs to be the best parent and entrepreneur possible, but I thought it would happen after I sold my business.

Then four months ago, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to do it now! And with a $50,000 founding grant from Brad Feld, renowned VC, co-founder of Techstars, and remarkable human, my dream is a reality! And I am in awe of what I have co-created with God's help.

Today I am thrilled to announce the first ten Black ParentPreneurs to receive a grant from the ParentPreneur Foundation.

The grant is called the Sugar Plum Grant, named after my dog, Sugar, that I recently had to put down after ten beautiful years of companionship. Sugar was the most loving, loyal, and consistent being I ever met. With these $1,000 grants, I pray for love, loyalty, and consistency for the ten Black ParentPreneur grant recipients.

Announcing our first 10 recipients of the Sugar Plum Grant

Pamela Booker - Koils By Nature Koils by Nature is a vegan-certified all-natural hair & skincare company. We provide amazing products that will moisturize and nourish your hair at an affordable price. I am Pamela J. Booker, CEO/founder of Koils by Nature. I went "natural" in 2007 and it was the best decision of my life-I was chemical FREE! I wanted products that were natural and good for my hair and body! Although natural products were on the market, there were not many AND they were expensive! I provide great products, with great ingredients at a GREAT price!

I have been afforded the beautiful opportunity to run Koils by Nature with my husband, Oronde Booker, COO, and our 12-year-old son Kendall Booker, our VP of sales. 

We have a total of five kids, one recent college graduate, two in college, one high-schooler, and one in middle school.   Why the ParentPreneur Foundation matters to me This grant is amazing and is coming at the perfect time! COVID-19 has completely destroyed our supply chain and having extra funds to either pay our employees or buy supplies is a true Godsend. Thank you so much!

Nina Bryant - She Makes Delicious We are the only National Black-owned meal prep service. We cater to the EntreGoGetter who has everything going on but forgets themselves in the process. Using our service allows you to delegate one part of your life to us while you manage the rest. I am a mom of six, wife, entrepreneur, and chef who is quite busy. It's hard trying to balance my own eating needs when I have to feed a lot of people with different appetites. I came up with this concept because I wanted to create something that would make life easier in the middle of anything, not just a pandemic. I have been a celebrity chef for 3 years and now it is time for everyone to get the celebrity treatment!

Why the ParentPreneur Foundation matters to me

Being an entrepreneur is a rollercoaster and being an entrepreneur with children all over the place is an amusement park. Disney World has nothing on me. I am glad there is a place now where I can connect with people who are really on a mission to make things happen. From a Chef's perspective, we don't really get recognized the way we should if we don't own a restaurant, so I really feel honored to receive this grant, which is so gracious.

Gwen Jimmere - Naturalicious Naturalicious creates high-performing, time-saving, vegan hair-care products for busy women with curly hair. What's different about us is that every product we make is designed to replace at least 3 products customers would have to normally purchase and use. Because all of our products are multitasking and multi-benefit, we save our customers an average of 80% of the time they normally spend dealing with their hair, with better results than if they had spent hours on it.

I am a life partner to Mike and mom to 9-year-old Caiden, Naturalicious' Chief Candy Curator. Why the ParentPreneur Foundation matters to me The foundation is a lifeline for businesses, especially in these times. With COVID-19 affecting every person, small businesses need all the support we can get-financially and otherwise. The ParentPreneur Foundation provides these resources. One of the hardest things to do is to be a full-time parent and a full-time entrepreneur, and there are very few resources that meet this specific niche need. I'm excited that the ParentPreneur Foundation exists and that James has taken on the charge of providing a safe, viable space for us.

Tara Darnley - Darlyng & Co. We manufacture & sell Everyday Essentials for Everyday Parenting. I'm happily married to my business partner, Carl Darnley, and we have two amazing kids, Alethia and Amir.

Why the ParentPreneur Foundation matters to me The ParentPreneur Foundation means a lot to us. This grant will go towards a very innovative product we are launching in a few weeks!

Salim Holder - 4th Ave. Market

4th Ave Market is a direct-to-consumer online platform that is disrupting traditional retail to solve the unmet beauty supply needs of Black and Brown consumers. We provide a frictionless e-commerce platform for people of color to discover, buy, and sell beauty and hair care products while reinvesting dollars back into the community we serve. I am a husband and father of two children ages six and one. My business is exciting because it gives me the opportunity to be a positive example to my amazing children.

Why the ParentPreneur Foundation matters to me

It's already tough being an entrepreneur, but as a parent and entrepreneur, it can be even more taxing. Not only is this grant from the ParentPreneur Foundation financially helpful, but I think the powerfully supportive community they are building will benefit many in the future!

Sight+Sound Gallery is an Audiophile's Paradise. Our mission is to help you find a home media system that works with your living experience. We believe that every house is different, which is why we work with you to design an audio system that perfectly matches your space and lifestyle while adhering to our unmatched standard of quality. I am married with two great kids, Lydia and Charles III.

Why the ParentPreneur Foundation matters to me I am especially appreciative of this grant as it allows me the opportunity to have an unexpected but greatly appreciated lifeline during an unprecedented time of chaos.

Isfahan Chambers Harris - Alodia Hair Care

Alodia Hair Care is a tech-based organic hair care product company that's focused on personalizing product choices based on scalp health, unique hair type, and styling preferences. I am a Ph.D. level Medical Scientist and am extremely passionate about using my expertise in medicine and science to personalize hair care regimens and to provide curative solutions for chronic scalp conditions for textured hair types. I'm married to my medical school sweetheart and we have twin 7-year-old sons and a 7-month-old son.

Why the ParentPreneur Foundation matters to me As a first-time entrepreneur and a mom of young children, having a group focused on empowering and uplifting parentpreneurs is something I have been looking for since becoming an entrepreneur in 2017. Receiving this grant will really help with adding additional inventory. As a growing business, running out of inventory is always a problem. So to have the opportunity to receive the $1,000 grant is truly a blessing.

The Single Mom Success Planner helps busy single moms prioritize what matters. From your busy work schedule to your kiddo's sports practice, never miss an important moment again. The planner is a monthly, weekly, and daily life-prioritization system for busy single moms. I’m a coach, author, podcaster, and speaker who empowers single mothers. It's my honor and my purpose to share what I’ve learned to help moms thrive. I am a mom to two boys, Syon and Kamron, whom I raised on my own; they are now 18 and 20.

Why the ParentPreneur Foundation matters to me The foundation is exactly what we parentpreneurs need. A lot of times our passion and funding do not match. We have the drive, a great product, and desire to serve, but we oftentimes need support and lack funding. This grant will help me purchase more planners to help moms find time for themselves and still be great parents. The grant will also help with marketing and it will boost my business going forward.

Lisa Blacknoll - Lux Baby Bottle

Our bottles have natural & nurturing functionality and feel just like mom's natural breast. It’s the worry-free solution for babies who reject baby bottles I am a single mother of three! Meciah, 17, London, 8, and Myles, 3 (turning 4 this month).

Why the ParentPreneur Foundation matters to me

I truly appreciate organizations like the ParentPreneur Foundation that care about Black-owned businesses. This ParentPreneur Foundation grant will help me push my business to the next level.

Rita Pardo - Pardo Naturals

Pardo Naturals is a line of natural products for the body, hair, and home. I’m a devoted wife of sixteen years, a mother of three amazing kids, and a full-time caregiver.

Why the ParentPreneur Foundation matters to me

The ParentPreneur Foundation gives parents a safe place to voice their concerns and fears without judgment. This grant will allow me to not only support my growing business but support a few other businesses in the works. I’m grateful and blessed.

I am excited to support these beautiful Black people, their families, and their businesses. And I thank God for them.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to support our mission to empower Black ParentPreneurs. If you are a Black parent with an eCommerce product, please join our private online community. And click here to apply for our next round of grants.

More to come. Peace and love,


ParentPreneur Foundation Founder

Feature photo by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash

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This is amazing, congratulations to all of the recipients!

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