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Two Reasons Black ParentPreneurs Should Attend Our Upcoming Legal Webinar

I'm excited to announce our upcoming webinar: Legal Guidance For Every Stage Of Your Business, with attorney Abraham Williamson of the national law firm, Frost Brown Todd.

I caught up with Abraham to ask him two questions about why he thought this webinar matters. Q: Abraham, why should a busy ParentPreneur pause their day to tune into your one-hour legal webinar?

A: Here's the deal, as a ParentPreneur, you’ve worked hard to get your business off the ground. If you want to protect the company you’ve created, are ready to grow strategically, or want to position your company to attract outside investment, you should tune in. ParentPreneurs can have a range of legal considerations from protecting intellectual property to privacy and data management issues, or employee onboarding and corporate governance issues (to name a few). These issues, among others, are important for you to get right early in your business.

Q: How can ignoring legal services early prevent your company's growth?

A: Early mistakes, such as lack of clarity between co-founders, negotiating contracts alone, and missing out on key issues, can be a drag on your company's growth and erode your business confidence; whereas having a strong legal foundation upfront can save your startup a lot of time, money and energy. This webinar will highlight some of the factors (business and legal) that need to be considered as you seek to grow within your market or position your company to attract outside investment.

If getting legal guidance for your business matters, then show up and show out for this free webinar. Join our FREE online community first and then RSVP for this event, Monday, January 11th, at 8 pm est. under events. Leggo!

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